Frequently Asked Question


Our platform is able to provide you with free game keys because we also sell credits for money. We use the money that we earn from credit sales to buy more game keys for you!

Yes, absolutely! You can spend your credits however you want. Get yourself 10 keys for the same game, or 10 keys for different games.


Actions are tasks which which users can create, and other users can then complete those actions. Someone could create a "Join Steam Group" action for his Steam group, and other users would be able to complete that action.

When a user completes an action, he earns between 200 and 2000 credits - that's called an entry. At the same time, the user who created the action is charged between 200 and 2000 credits .

Everyone can create actions. Simply visit the Create Action page to set up your first action.

You will be charged between 200 and 2000 credits every time a user completes one of your actions. When you run out of credits, your action won't be displayed to other users anymore.

You can complete actions on the Earn Credits page. Note that you will need to connect the required Identities for the actions that you want to complete.

A completed action is called entry.


An entry is a completed action. As you may already know, users on our platform can create actions (tasks) which other users can complete. Completing an action is called entry.

You earn between 200 and 2000 credits for every entry.

Simply visit the Earn Credits page. Note that you will need to connect the required Identities for an entry.


Credits are the virtual currency of our platform. Credits have two purposes. They can be used to unlock game keys, and they can be used to create actions.

You can either earn credits or buy credits. Earning credits is slower, but it's free. You can unlock any game keys that you want pretty fast. Buying credits is more attractive for businesses, website owners, or social media managers who plan to create actions in order to grow their reach.

If you want to earn credits, simply visit the Earn Credits page.

If you want to buy credits, you can visit the Buy Credits page.

1 USD is worth 10000 credits.

1 key is worth 2000 credits.

1 entry is worth between 200 and 2000 credits .


Identities are social media accounts that you connect to your KeyJoker account. You can for example connect your Twitter or Discord account to your KeyJoker account.

Those accounts can then be used to login to our platform. They are also used to verify the completion of actions.

Yes, it is. We never ask you for your password of your social media accounts. When you connect an identity to our platform, you will be redirected to the platform for the login. We never get your login credentials.


You can simply write us an email to [email protected] with the email address that you also use for your KeyJoker account.

Your account can get banned if you abuse our platform. Account bans are usually not reverted, but if you have questions about your ban then you can simply write an email to [email protected] .


You need 2000 credits to unlock a key. In order to earn credits, simply visit the Earn Credits page.

When you have enough credits, you can just visit the giveaway page of the game you would like to unlock and press the "Unlock Key" button.


You have your own referral link which you can find in the Account Panel. You can simply send this link to your friends or followers.

When another user signs up on platform after visiting your referral link, he will be registered as your referral. You will then see him in your referral list and you will earn 30% of all the credits that he earns.

You earn 30% of that they earn, for lifetime. This does not mean that your referrals earn less - they still earn the same as non-referral users. You just get a big bonus on top!

Note that referral earnings only apply to earned credits, not to purchased credits.